"One day I will be free from this pain".

(quote taken from my old journal, August 2007)

Welcome to Your Life in Recovery!

A warm welcome from me Jaz - Life in Recovery Coach

If you made it to my page, take in this moment. You are here! YOU took a courageous step to look for answers. YOU didn't stay stuck in what you would have been doing right now (let's be honest...drinking) or thinking of drinking or even if you are drinking right now....

Something inside of you has shifted and YOU made your way here!

There maybe several reasons why you found this page, some of these can be:

🤷‍♀️ You don't know what to do about your drinking

🤦‍♀️ You are looking for answers because you are experiencing pain, shame and regret after a day (s) of drinking

🤦‍♀️ Thoughts of being a horrible person because you broke a promise to yourself that you would never drink like this again.

😳 Tired of feeling stuck and repeating the cycle of trying to not drink and then going back to drinking


Do you wake up the morning after saying to yourself:

"I drink too much! "

"How did I get here again? Why do I keep drinking over and over again?"

"I don't know why I keep drinking?"

"Life is too hard and I don't know how to deal with my life!"

"I am a lost cause and can't stop drinking!"

If you are feeling lost, unsure of what to do next.

This is how I felt when drinking stopped working for me.

What happened when alcohol stopped working for me....My Story

My name is Jaz,

My life In Recovery was scary from the get go (no sugar coating). I was full of fear.

Alcohol helped me with that fear, to not feel anxiety, pain of the past, afraid of living in the present and worrying future. When I drank I felt like I had the courage to speak or show up in a fantasy version of myself. At some point in my active drinking, the one thing that helped me to cope with my life stopped working. What do I mean?

Alcohol was the one thing that helped me to escape my life. When I drank there was a relief inside me that made everything that was going on inside of me or my external world go away. I could no longer feel my present life, I could only feel the euphoria of the alcohol in my body. Over time, that sense of relief turned into dependency. I needed to know when I was going to drink again. I planned when I was going to drink, fill my calendar with minimum or no appointments or cancel on people when I was going to meet them unless we were planning to drink together. I was a binge drinker and I would always say to myself, “You can get through this day. Just think, Friday you will be able to drink!”.

I would drink until Sunday and repeat the cycle for many years until I found recovery.

After 26 years of active drinking I hit my bottom hard! I started my journey just as you are today looking for answers and reading how other people stopped.

Today I have over 10 years of sobriety! Life in Recovery is not always easy, but it is a lot better than I have ever imagined! In recovery I have mended relationships; especially with the most important person in my life…ME! I am able to look in the mirror and not hate myself for drinking after promising myself I wouldn't drink. not remembering what I did or said and the list goes on! I take care of myself so I can have great relationships with my family and friends. I am there for my kids today. I hadn’t been there for them when I was drinking, but today I am there for them. I have travelled to Ecuador & LA alone, coached women to complete the Toronto Tough Mudder race, got certified as a Life Coach and there are so many more gifts that have come with my sobriety!

Recovery has taught me compassion, understanding, resilience and self love towards myself. I take the lessons I learn in recovery and work with my clients to stop beating themselves up after a night, day(s) of drinking and see how their last drinking episodes can be used as a tool in their recovery.

There are new beginnings and changes that come with Life in Recovery.

Together we work on tools to use for your daily life in recovery without having to use alcohol, look at the deep root of why you drink, your triggers/cravings and build on the relationship you have with yourself.

I work with clients to set goals and create a plan to create a life they haven't always

wanted to but were too afraid, too hungover or were masked by liquid courage.

You also have a direct contact with someone who has been there before, someone you can ask questions, support you through life circumstances that comes up as you start to detach from alcohol. Life circumstances will still happen (that is certain) and having tools to deal with them helps you to create a life that is waiting for you to be lived!!

Something inside of you wants to stop and that is the first step to starting your Life in Recovery!


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Drinking no longer stops me from doing what I want to do and become the women I was meant to be and how I want to show up this world!

What I Created Since I Stopped Drinking!

My Life Before I stopped drinking

How We Can Work Together


What you get from me:

➟ a safe space for you to share

➟ peer support

➟ provide inspiration, motivation, support, and accountability that will allow you to walk away with tools to live your life in recovery.

➟ a fully present coach for your healing and journey.

Coaching Programs

Connecting to YOU

When You Put The Drink Down

The Next Step

We work together to guide you to connect with you and discover the essence of who you authentically are.

You will gain awareness of what is root cause of your drinking so you can begin to heal the pain drinking is causing you to feel and adapt healthy strategies to create a life that you feel comfortable and great to live in!

And there are people on this journey that are waiting for you to meet them. There are so many people recovering each day and finding them will help you and them in your recovery. You will find a community here.

We work together in your journey of recovery to create a safety plan, find support and resources, set your goals and plan for your sobriety.

You will learn how to stop spinning and stay grounded during the restless times, talk to someone about how you are feeling, look at situations with a different perspective for you to deal with real life situations and not have to pick up a drink to deal with life.

And of course having a fun sober life too!

We work together to create a plan and set goals you have always wanted to do in life but were too afraid, too hungover or were masked by liquid courage. But now you're ready for the next step!

Together we will work on bringing your gifts, strengths and inner guidance out for you to build that trust in yourself so you can shine in this world.

This program provides you a safe place for self discovery and take action in your life during your sobriety.

Are you ready to stop letting your drinking get in the way of living the life you are meant to live and take steps in your Life in Recovery!

Book a call with me today to see if we are a good fit to work together



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My Drinking Safety Plan:

"One day I will be free from this pain"...Jaz (quote taken from my old journal, August 2007)

My Drinking Safety Plan was created for you to reflect, plan and start your Life in Recovery.

When I was trying to stop drinking I didn't have a plan, I would try to stop drinking by telling myself "This time it will be different". Each time it wasn't and it made me feel worse about myself. I would have days, weeks, months of no drinking and something would happen to set me off and I went back to drinking. I didn't know at the time that I had triggers, feelings, cravings and behaviors that lead up to my drinking.

Reflecting on my own experience of Recovery, this plan has been thoroughly created with prompted journal questions, pages to colour to bring out your creative side, reflective exercises to use to create your own Drinking Safety Plan.

Do you wake up after a drinking episode saying to yourself...?

"I drink too much"

"How did I get here again? Why do I keep drinking over and over again?"

"I don't know why I keep drinking?"

"Life is too hard and I don't know how to deal with my life!"

"I am a lost cause and can't stop drinking!"

Thoughts of being a horrible person because you broke a promise to yourself that you would never drink like this again.

What if you look at your last drinking episode as a tool to find answers to why you drink and start your life in recovery. In My Drinking Safety Plan you will gather information about your last drinking episode to understand you and your drinking.

It's time to stop painfully living through making yourself feel worse each time you drink, stop beating yourself up and go deep inside to make changes to your drinking.

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